Elmo Birthday Party

Follow me as I plan my daughters First Birthday! I will include tons of FREE downloads and tips and tricks I used.

If you have any questions or suggestions be sure to comment and share!

Elmo Birthday Party Invitations

I was lucky enough to spend the first year home with my daughter, and as her first birthday approached I began planning as if it were my wedding! I hope I am not alone in this, but I thought ‘She is only 1 once!’, my husband quickly pointed out she is only any age once. I wanted her birthday to be amazing. It was after all not only the celebration of her turning 1, but the celebration of us making it a year with our first child, our sanity, and our love for one another!

So the planning began … 4 months before her birthday! Let me first say that this does not take 4 months to complete, but being able to do it only in her little nap times and trying to stay on task, it took me a couple of months.

I found myself dreaming of how amazing I could make her birthday. This then came down to the debate of theme, Bubble Guppies vs. Elmo. She loves both yet I found myself torn, I simply could not decide. Elmo seemed to be too masculine but I thought of Bubble Guppies as a fad. Looking back, we may think ‘what show was that again?’. So after many tedious hours (I wish I was exaggerating) it was decided. Elmo. Elmo was her theme. But how do I make it more girly?

Pinterest is an amazing thing. I found that red and pink went very well together and this is where my ideas started flowing. I decided I would do a red and pink Elmo theme. Here is my party planning process.

Narrow it down to a theme. Check!

Make your invitations based on those colors and theme. Check! Once you do this I find it so much easier to do the rest. You have colors to play off of (and keep you from making too much stuff just because it is cute!) and you have your main theme or character.

So these are the invitations. I liked the idea of keeping them classy but fun. So I decided on a plain cardstock with a texture to it. I added a badge to the front with her initial in it (P for Penelope).

On the inside I decided I wanted more color so I used a sheet of chevron paper I had lying around. I don’t think we carry it anymore but I linked a ton of similar ones below. I used the ‘Sesame Street’ font in Cricut and kept it simple black as to not compete with the colorful background.

At the bottom I used a piece of Green cardstock overlaid with white cardstock to give it some dimension and wrote all of the party details here.

I included an Elmo face in the invitation, I used the back of the face to reference my daughters clothing and shoe sizing.

For all of the cutting I used my Cricut Explore Air https://www.stuff4crafts.com/cricut-explore-air-machine-2002771.html. It is so amazing because there are tons of free fonts, images and projects that you can create. If you are comfortable creating your own images in photoshop or another editing program you can do that and simply upload them to your cricut design space.

I love the way it turned out and I hope you guys do too!

I will be posting tons of other items I did for her Elmo themed Birthday Soon!

Please share and enjoy!

Here are a list of items I used.

Cricut Explore Air

I used a hot pink textured cardstock for my card. Here are just a few textured cardstock to choose from.

Solid cardstock pack which includes all colors I used for this card

Zig 2 Way Glue (This is my favorite glue!)

Chevron/Stripe Paper
Elmo Birthday Card
Elmo Birthday Card
Elmo Birthday Card
Stuff4Crafts Crafting with Amanda

Elmo Birthday Party Stats Board

Next I thought it would be so fun to create something to show family and friends some of her favorite things.

For family and friends who dont see her every day this was a really fun way to share what words she knows, how much she weighs, how tall she is etc. I created this in photoshop and had it printed on a 18" by 24" poster board.

I created this myself, and let me tell you ... it took a while! So I thought I would give you guys a little present.
Click HERE to open the blank version and feel free to use it for your childs birthday and enjoy!
Elmo Birthday Party Stats Board

Stuff4Crafts Crafting with Amanda

Elmo Birthday Party Invitations

All kids love cake pops. And really .. moms do too! They are easier for them to eat and a lot less messy. I decided to create cake pops that looked like street signs.

First I created a file in Photoshop (you can download your own blank copy of it HERE) and made the signs saying my daughters name.

Next I decided how big I wanted them, then I printed them out! Easy!

If you are designing your own make sure to leave a little tab of paper between both signs so that you can wrap it around the straw ;)

Sesame Street Cake Pops
Stuff4Crafts Crafting with Amanda

Elmo Birthday Party Invitations

I might have got a TAD carried away when it came to the loot bags. My thinking here is that everyone is going to leave your party, perhaps with photos to look back on, but definitely with a loot bag.

I wanted the kids to feel special when they got their loot bags. So I bought Red Loot Bags and decided to decorate them with little 'Thank You' signs and their names. To do this I used my Cricut Air machine to cut out the templates for the street signs. You could easily do this with cardstock, scissors and a hole punch if you don’t have access to a machine.

I really did not want to individually glue every letter onto the Thank You Tags (So tedious!) so I decided to cut the words out of a green piece of cardstock and mount it onto a white piece. This is where you will need a Cricut Machine.
Alternatively you can simply hand write ‘Thank You’ and it will look great! Then I assembled them using my FAVORITE glue, Zig 2 Way Glue Pen and I tied them to the straps using some twine. I used regular twine but I think that red and white twine would look great too! Then using my my Cricut Air machine I cut out their names in white cardstock and glued them on.

Let me know how you guys like them! And be sure to post your adorable loot bags!
Sesame Street Thank You Tag
Building a Sesame Street Thank You Tag Sesame Street Themed Loot Bags
Stuff4Crafts Crafting with Amanda

Silhouette Iron On Stuff4Crafts

I had a local seamstress make my daughter a dress, I can craft like crazy but serious sewing … not my thing! She had an adorable white dress with polka dots on the hem and of course an Elmo face! So I thought to myself, why don’t we participate? My husband gladly (I may have paid him) agreed to put on an Elmo shirt and I was Cookie Monster! We used a red t-shirt my husband already had and I bought a bright blue one from Walmart. You can see that the Elmo eyes were slightly too small to cover the brand logo on the t-shirt but it still looked good!

I designed the faces in Photoshop then imported them into Cricut Design Space. I used the Silhouette flocked heat transfer for the faces. It is a little bit fuzzy so I thought it would give a nice appearance for the faces. There are tons of faces you can use right in Cricut if you don’t want to design your own.

NOTE: If you want to see my review on the Silhouette Heat Transfer Material click HERE! Let’s just say it wasn’t what I expected!

After my Cricut cut all of the colors I peeled off the backing and cut out each piece so that I could lay them out on my shirts to figure out spacing.

Once I was happy with the spacing I laid them onto the shirts with the material down and transfer paper facing up. Silhouette recommends using a cloth over the transfer so that the iron does not touch directly. I used a thin t-shirt I had on hand because I was worried my cloths would be too thick.

It says to hold heat on it for 45-60 seconds, make sure that your iron does not have steam coming out as the water from the steam can affect the transfers.

Let the Iron on’s cool for 30 seconds, or when they are cool to the touch, and peel the transfer paper off.

Repeat with all of your pieces and any layering pieces you have. I find you have to hold the iron on a little longer for the layering pieces. I had to re iron a few times for the black part of the eyes.

Voila! Super adorable shirts ready for a party! Let us know what you create with your Iron On Material!

Be sure to check out my review HERE on the Silhouette Heat Transfer Marerial.

DIY Sesame Street Shirt - Cookie Monster

DIY Sesame Street Shirt - Elmo
Stuff4Crafts Crafting with Amanda